Social Media Marketing


Community Manager

Importance of social media marketing. What does a community manager do? It is a 2.0 communication professional that creates, manages and streamlines a user community around a brand or a company, while controlling what is said about it. We offer professional community management services to develop and dynamize our clients’ social networks, generating content related to the brand and establishing a direct and close relationship with customers.


Facebook para empresas

The largest social network in the world can be a great ally in the communication, marketing and sales strategy of any company. Many people use Facebook to communicate and learn about products and services, so we create business Facebook pages which are completely customized. We also develop content and activities (applications, competitions, sweepstakes, promotions, etc.) in order to get more fans, enhance brand image and increase sales.


Twitter para empresas

More and more companies are using Twitter as a communication, promotion and feedback channel. We create and manage company profiles that best suit this microblogging platform based on brevity and spontaneity of messages. We use Twitter to expand the business community and gain credibility, impact and brand awareness, establishing a direct communication channel with great potential.


Marketing de contenidos

On the Internet, content is king. So we analyze the specific needs of each project to generate and distribute content of interest related to the company, in order to retain existing customers, attract new ones and multiply the presence of the brand. We create corporate blogs enhanced by all kind of multimedia content, which spread in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…



We place our client site in the main search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, aiming to increase visibility, website traffic and results. Our SEO-Search Engine Optimization- proposal includes analysis and web optimization (keywords selection, website structure, design and content improvement) and the internal and external link building strategy. We supervise and analyze all the metrics to take the best marketing decisions.



We create and manage cost per click campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing. With online advertising, we can achieve branding goals and short-term results. Our SEM-Search Engine Marketing- proposal includes the creation of the campaigns (text ads, banners, videos, etc..), optimization (in order to get maximum results at minimum cost) and the control and measurement of results using web analytics.

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