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marketing sanitarioWith the information becoming more and more transparent, patients become savvier in the way they research and select their healthcare specialist. For many medical organizations, this means having to spend more time in attracting new clients than practicing their specialty.

Neuropecomm is a well-established marketing communications agency based in Barcelona becoming ever so more specialized in providing Medical Marketing solutions as there has been in recent years, an increase of medical organizations that turn to us to help them boost their brand. Our deep understanding of the medical field and its needs to achieve special solutions and strategies has turned Neuropecomm into one of the leading healthcare communications agencies in Barcelona.

Creating an ethical medical marketing campaign is vital as people with serious health problems seek for medical organizations that can definitively solve their problems. It is important that the message that you send to your potential patients is not deceiving and reflects exactly to what you are providing them. For that reason, it is crucial that you select a specialist in healthcare marketing that correctly delivers the right message in the right context to the right patients… beyond everything, it is your reputation we are dealing with!

With so many medical organizations to choose from, it is frequent that many excellent medical facilities that truly offer a great service and patience outcome, have to reduce their practice due to lack of patients. The majority of these closures are not because they perform poorly, it is mainly because they do not have the time or they simply do not know how to use marketing techniques to increase their visibility to potential patients. No matter what size is your medical organization, whether you are a new sole trader or a big organization, Neuropecomm can help in achieving the best possible growth and exposure to your potential patients.


marketing salud Our Healthcare Marketing Services

General niche market overview: A simple summary of what comprises your specialty with regards to overall potential patients, your location and general competition.

SWOT analysis: We will provide a summary idea of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Competitor analysis: We will analyse the top 3 main competitors and provide you with your real position in the competitive market.

Website creation and/or improvement applying SEO tools: weather you have already a website or not, we will propose a website that truly looks and feels as your own practice. Your website will be created having in mind all the Search Engine Optimization tools to create more visibility in the search engines for specific search keywords.

Content marketing and Copywriting: Not only we can drastically improve your existent content, we can also create new content within the medical marketing plan, having in mind the Search Engine Optimization techniques. Additionally, we can provide high quality photo images that reflect the services you are providing.

Public Relations, Media and Communimarketing producto hospitalariocations: We can create meaningful, interesting and compelling press and articles and place them in key strategy locations in order to get the message to the greatest audience possible.

Branding and logo design creation: Whether you have already a logo or not, with the new medical marketing plan, we believe there is room for brand improvement and adjustments to better reflect and connect with your patients.

Social media strategy: With the world becoming ever so more present in the World Wide Web, medical social media strategy is a must, as it is one of the most efficient approaches to connect with your patients in a more personal manner.

Neuropecomm is here to give a helping hand and can truly assist in re-branding healthcare organizations with a different and unique message that inspires trust and positive results.


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