Marketing Barcelona


After analyzing the situation and establishing business objectives, we assess our clients in order to create or redefine their marketing plan by analyzing supply and demand, consumer tendencies, weaknesses and strengths of the company and the behavior patterns of the target customer base. We also optimize resources and we develop the necessary actions to carry out this plan. Your marketing agency in Barcelona.


Branding, or Brand Positioning refers to the place the company’s image, service or product occupies in the market place and most importantly, in the mind of the consumer. To fortify the company’s branding, we carry out all types of campaigns, in all types of formats and media, always with the objective of highlighting all of the attributes of each project, and transmitting your desired brand image.


We propose made to measure media campaigns by selecting the platforms that best fit all of our clients’ needs (press, radio, television, social media, Google AdWords, outdoor advertising, etc.) all with the aim of getting them the maximum returns for their investment. We also manage and negotiate the purchase of advertising space in a way that is most advantageous to you, the customer.



We develop Social Media strategies and manage our clients’ accounts on the most ideal platforms for their company (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Google+, Flikr, Youtube, etc.) in order to establish their brand and position them as ideals. We also take care of the SEO and SEM strategy: we assure that your webpage appears in search engines and we carry out online advertising campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s message.


Merchandising objectives are to draw attention to the product, direct the client towards it, and to facilitate its purchase. As a marketing agency, we propose and design promotional plans of action with our clients’ products and services in order to push and strengthen sales (sales promotions, product promotions, gifts and reward, point of sale promotions, client loyalty programs, etc.).


Coaching de marca

Brand coaching starts with the company and helps to define its vision, mission, values and market strategies: What does the brand offer? What makes it unique? What is its target consumer base? What are its strong and weak points? What image and message does it want to get across and what is the ideal tactic to pull them off? We work side by side with our clients to answer these questions which help to establish goals, adapt to changes and get on the path to success.

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