With the world news spreading out at a fast pace and the easy access to entre in other countries, made medical tourism a dream come true for many patients in need of alternative solution that could not be at their reach in their home country.

Dr Gilete NeurosurgeryHaving been a neurosurgeon for over 12 years and packed with 7 years of experience in treatments abroad, Dr. Gilete is one of the pioneers in medical tourism in Barcelona. “Having managed two medical tourism companies in the past gave me the insights of what was going wrong within this industry. My goal is to stream away from the corporate aspect of medical tourism and focus solely on the wellbeing of my patients, as this is the only way to deal with patients who reach out for me to solve their health problems” explained Dr. Gilete.

The whole concept of www.drgilete.com is to provide a transparent and honest second opinion or alternative solutions for international patients who seek his advice in specialized issues within the field of Neuro & Spine surgery such as ACDF surgery (as well as ACDF complications), cervical myelopathy surgery, Cervical Disc Replacement and others. Dr. Gilete is a firm believer that a patient should explore all best answers to their unique case and if the solution is in another part of the world, that should not be an impediment – “I know how uncomfortable it can be living with an illness, and if there is a near perfect solution somewhere else, I believe it’s worthwhile traveling to get that specific treatment abroad” states Dr. Gilete.

Undoubtedly Medical Tourism is a phenomenon that is becoming well known and the curious part is that most international patients do not see themselves as medical tourists when they actually seek healthcare abroad. “The reason behind this is because medical tourism is a serious issue.” Says Dr. Gilete; “It implies worries, insecurity, sometimes loneliness, the actual surgical intervention and risk of health compilations” he continued.

Dr. Gilete has seen in first-hand the nasty consequences of poorly prepared plans with regards to receiving treatment abroad. It is clear that deciding for medical tourism is just a small part of a big journey that has to be well planned from the beginning until the end. This is why Dr. Gilete created his company trusting in absolute his logistics team to take care of all the office work necessary for a completely successful medical experience abroad leaving him to focus on providing the best medical solution for his patients.

With regards to the costs, Dr. Gilete acknowledges that he cannot compete with every country in the world, “there are countries that we can be double the price, such as India or Thailand, but on the other hand, these cannot offer the European Medical Standards, much less the Spanish ones” admits Dr. Gilete. As far as cervical disc replacement cost and ACDF surgery cost, Dr. Gilete guarantees that they are extremely competitive when it comes to compare with other European Countries as well as the United States and Canada.

Dr. Gilete welcomes all queries from all over the world, whether it is for a second opinion or to explore alternative solutions. Dr. Gilete guarantees a quick and personalised response and above all, an honest answer supported by the appraisal of some of the best spine surgeons and neurosurgeons in Spain.


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